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I’m the happiest I’ve ever been in my life.

Contributing Blogger: Eric Moore, participant, The First Tee of Tulsa

Playing at the famous Pebble Beach Golf Links—a golf course where unforgettable shots have been made and a once in a life time opportunity has been created. Playing the course with Corey Pavin and Kirk Triplett (the winner of the tournament) was the greatest and most unbelievable event I could ever ask for in my life and I will most definitely remember it FOREVER. Being able to play this legendary course again was, more than I could ask for and this day as well as this week was the best of my life.

I think I played exceptionally well this week giving the conditions we as players were faced with at Pebble Beach and Del Monte. The legendary courses had very firm greens and thick rough that made it difficult to stick our shots anywhere on the green. All of us were lucky the pacific wind wasn’t howling. I played this fun game golf at Pebble Beach, what more could I ask for?

Core values I used this week were Courtesy, Perseverance, Judgment, and the rest of the simple but very important values. I used Courtesy many times by taking off my hat in buildings, looking people in the eye and shaking hands, and saying yes sir and yes ma’am. I used Perseverance many times as well when I made my up and downs around the greens after I missed them on my approach shots. It was great being able to survive out there at the legendary courses. Judgment was utilized many times today on my approach shots as well as my tee shots. It was very important to make sure I placed my shots because this course is very unforgiving if you miss. I am thankful to have these Core Values installed in me to be able to use in golf and life in the future. They are essential and should be taught all over the world.

I would like to thank Nature Valley for sponsoring this once in a lifetime event. It was more than a dream come true to play with these legends and like I said before, I will never forget this for the rest of my life. Last but not least. I couldn’t have made it here without The First Tee. It has taught me very good people skills and golf skills as well. I thank them very deeply. I also thank everyone who has a made a contribution to where have I gotten today. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been in my life.

2012 Core Values Cup

The Nature Valley First Tee Open is More than Just Golf

Contributing Blogger: Hannah Jiao, participant, The First Tee of Greater Dallas

Playing golf at your home course is one thing, while playing golf on a course where legends have walked on is another. Being able to play Pebble Beach Golf Links as well as Del Monte Golf course has truly been an out of this world experience. From the VIP treatment to walking alongside some of the greatest players to play this game – is truly breathtaking and an unbelievable opportunity! W hile the golf is important, meeting new people and enjoy the time in California is just as important. We were fortunate enough to enjoy a few events, including the Pairings Party, the tournament itself sponsored by Nature Valley (free granola bars for all, yay!!) Legends and Leaders sponsored by Yoplait, and the best of all…the California Dreamin’ Beach party sponsored by Jamba Juice (free Jamba Juice!!). The Beach Party was spectacular, giving us some time to unwind from the long yet exciting day we all just had.

Inside they had a bunch of cool games like ping pong and pool, while outside on the beach we played a water balloon toss, competed in a hula hoop contest, lobster limbo, all surrounding a fire put to roast marshmallows and make some satisfying s’mores. The night ran smoothly and it was a lot of fun just hanging out with my friends along the beach shore with the music blasting.

The event has been great so far, and I’m very fortunate to be able to take part in this awesome event. I can’t wait to see what comes next, and what Pebble Beach has to offer!

Enjoying Round 1 with pro Ted Schulz

Contributing Blogger: Megan Board, participant, The First Tee of Roanoke Valley

This week just keeps getting more and more exciting!  Today I got to play my first tournament round at Del Monte with my pro Ted Schulz. He immediately put me at ease on the putting green before our round by making conversation and telling jokes.  I feel so lucky that I also got to play with two amazing amateurs: Herm Edwards (former head coach of the New York Jets) and Bob Simpson.  Mr. Schulz gave me a lot of pointers and helped to give me reads on many of my putts.  Mr. Edwards was great and made me laugh the whole time.  He knew how to brighten the round even when we weren’t having a great hole.  Mr. Simpson was continuously encouraging me and even introduced me to Jay Haas during the round.  The entire group, including the players’ caddies, made the experience unforgettable.  They were all so positive during the entire round.

Herm Edwards was also a speaker at the Legends & Leaders Dinner Thursday night.

I was pretty nervous before the round today, but after meeting my group, my nerves calmed down pretty quickly.  I enjoyed every minute of being in this wonderful place with these wonderful people. It was also great having my brother caddy for me.  He played in The Nature Valley First Tee Open the past two years and was able to help me on a lot of my shots.

I am so thankful to The First Tee, Nature Valley and the Monterey Peninsula for giving me the opportunity to have this once in a lifetime experience.  This week has been so surreal and I feel so lucky to have even been given the opportunity to be a part of this event.  I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings at Pebble!

Participants Speak on Core Values during Legends & Leaders

Elise Levy, participant, The First Tee of Northern Nevada, speaks on courtesy.

Austin Powell, participant, The First Tee of Green Valley Ranch, speaks on honesty.

Coca-Cola Champions Challenge

Contributing Blogger: Emily Laskin, participant, The First Tee of Greater Sacramento

Before being selected to the Nature Valley First Tee Open, I had never heard of the Coca Cola Challenge. I first found out about it when my mom called me on the way home from a lesson with my coach. When I heard I was one of only six juniors to get to be paired with a Champions Tour Pro, different from the Pro I would be playing with, I was ecstatic. I would get to play with TWO Pros this week! When I told our chapter’s Executive Director I was chosen to participate, she was so excited for me; I was the first junior from our chapter to ever be picked. It made the experience that much more meaningful. I wanted to play well to earn winnings for my chapter; our chapter is one of the largest chapters in the country, and we do all our own fundraising for our golf programs. I knew how much it would mean to bring home some more funds.

When Thursday arrived, I spent the day warming up, trying to keep my excitement under control. At 1:30 the juniors met on the putting green to go over the format and find out our playing partners. That’s when the nerves came. When we came up to the tee it was incredible seeing Ted Schulz, Hale Irwin, Scott Simpson, Craig Stadler, Jeff Sluman, and Tom Kite waiting for us. When my name was called to the tee, I was so nervous I missed my drive in the right hand side trees. But walking down the fairway with all the pros laughing and joking helped settle my nerves in an instant. We enjoyed 5 holes of an amazing time at the wonderful Pebble Beach Golf Course. The entire experience was made worthwhile when I stuck our third shot to 10 feet on 18 for Scott Simpson to roll in for us to win $8,000 each for our chapters. It was an amazing time that I will never forget.

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