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First Impressions – Participants Arrive to Pebble Beach

Contributing Blogger: Jordan Keyser, participant, The First Tee of Fresno

Windows down, car tires on the pavement, trees line the road striped red and yellow.  The ocean breeze blows and the salty air swirls around.  I can see glimpses of the fifteenth at Pebble.  I pull up along the curb and get out with my head on a swivel.  I peer down the breezeway and see the gold letters on top of a building that say “The Lodge” and I know I have arrived.  I head over to the Conference Center which has been transformed into Hospitality for the players and their guests.  I head over to the opposite side of the building where I see a sign that reads “Player Registration” along with “Amateur Registration” and “Professional Registration.”  Before this moment I never knew what it would feel like to be here and about to play in one of the biggest tournaments of my life.

I get to the table and I meet Laura Diaz, shake her hand and tell her how glad I am to be here.  I check in, receive my uniforms, schedule and all the other goodies hidden in the crevices of my bag.  She explains to me when I must wear the clothing provided for me by Taylormade/Adidas and that I must only wear hats with The First Tee logo on it.  She then puts a compact foldable chair in my bag and leads me over to the table where she gives me my packet of information which includes my all access pass, my guest pass, a metal bag tag, tickets to the event and a schedule of events for the upcoming week.  I thank her again, grab all of my belongings and clear the way for the next contestant checking in.

I head over to another table to the left wall to sign two big posters that has the names of all the players, junior, amateurs and professionals included.  I have left a mark, a mark that proves I am here, that I have played with some of the greatest gentlemen to ever play the game at the course of all courses, the mecca of golf, The Links at Pebble Beach.  Before this moment, this whole experience was so surreal.  I could not wrap my head around the fact that I would get to play in this event.  It was coming more into focus and I could not wait for the rest of the week to come.  If only, I could freeze time, to live in this moment where my dreams seem so at a grasp.  I do not want this feeling to go away.  But what my first impression and the feeling I have received has done for me is drive me further, it makes me want it more, it shows me that what I want is possible.  I must persevere and have the confidence in myself to make all things possible and this moment has given me the exact attitude I need to do it.


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  1. Nice article! We are here watching and cheering The First Tee Players on. Enjoy every moment and good luck!

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