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One Participant Proves Perseverance Pays Off

Contributing Blogger: Jack Tynan, participant, The First Tee of Denver

When I was five, Santa brought me a new set of legos. It was a huge castle and I was so excited that Santa had brought me this amazing gift! I remember that Christmas so vividly because of the pure excitement that I had over that lego castle. That was the same excitement I felt the day I found out I was going to Pebble Beach.

I was in line at a busy taco shop in Denver, and I got a call. It was from a girl that I had met last year at The First Tee PLAYer Advanced Academy. We had stayed in touch, so I answered the phone not knowing what to expect, she said, “Jack Oh my gosh, congrats, I am so proud of you.” I did not know what was going on and then it hit me, I had been chosen to play at Pebble. I dropped the phone and started yelling and then the tears came. This had been my fourth and final year that I could play in this tournament. Each of the previous four years I had submitted an application, and had not been accepted. This was my final year, my last chance to play at the most historic golf course in the United States. To walk down the same fairways as the greatest players to play the game!

I was still jumping around yelling at the top of my lungs when I noticed that everyone in the taco shop was staring at me, my face all of a sudden turned very red, I apologized to everyone and all the people in the shop started to laugh. In that moment I again felt like a five-year-old on Christmas morning, only this time instead of a lego castle, I was going to Pebble Beach. I was going to walk inside the ropes with some of the greatest golfers of all time.

Preparing for Pebble

After receiving the call I headed to the golf course that I work at, and everyone in the shop turned to me and started yelling, and congratulating me. It turns out that someone at my local chapter had sent my Head Pro an email telling him that I had made it. This was especially emotional for me because these guys were my family, they had been there for me each and every year that I did not get accepted, they had each seen me cry over this and now they were celebrating with me because I had made it. It was all starting to sink in, when I realized I really need to work on my putting!I am so grateful and honored to be select, Thank you Nature Vally for supporting the tournament and help to make the dream of so many young golfers like me come true! I would also like to thank The First Tee for all the hard work they put into making this tournament a success! Thank you!


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