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One of 78 Amazing Junior Golfers

Contributing Blogger: Lindsay Davis, participant, The First Tee of Pine Mountain

Finding out I was able to apply for the 2011 Nature Valley First Tee Open, I jumped on it immediately.  Being a returning participant, I knew what to expect for what most would call, “a once in a lifetime experience.” Playing at two of the top courses in California, making new friends, learning how to interact with professional golfers, and upholding your composure were all top priorities on my list as I got my mind set for this tournament.

Getting ready for my practice round at Pebble, I realized that I’m one of 78 amazing junior golfer’s, each different in our own unique way. This would be a life changing event for all of us. I think even the professionals get a new prospective on golf and the way The First Tee is teaching young golfers to face the world with a new outlook by using the Nine Core Values and Life Skills. 

As the tournament started, I was paired up with Gary Hallberg. The best trait about him? Even on a bad shot or hole, he would cut up and laugh it off. He never let it bother him that we were a few shots back out of the lead. I learned that week, even if something in my golf game isn’t working out very well that I can still make the best of it and insure that my playing partners are enjoying the round.

Even though we missed the cut by three shots, I still wouldn’t change my experience for the world. I couldn’t have picked a better professional or amateurs to play with, each of them have touched my heart and I can never forget them. This life changing experience has made me grow closer to my “First Tee family”.  I have been truly blessed to have had the opportunities from The First Tee.


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