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A Life Changing Week

Contributing Blogger: Stephanie Carlozzi, participant, TFT of Naples/Collier

When you ask a junior who has been to the Nature Valley First Tee Open what to expect, the answer you will hear is, “The best week of your life!” This week was more than a golf tournament, more than a learning experience, even more than a perfect event. For myself, it was an eye-opening, life-changing week, mostly because of my good fortune of having Peter Jacobsen as my professional partner.

When I told people who I was paired with the universal response was how much fun we would have and what a nice person he was. Their premonition was spot-on, even though he had reason to not be so gracious. This week he was fighting the flu, and during our first round it was apparent that he was still on his way to recovering. Despite being sick, Mr. Jacobsen was cracking jokes the moment we stepped on the first tee box and continued throughout the round. He also displayed a perfect example of the core value courtesy when he thanked all of the marshals and volunteers he came in contact with for taking time off from their lives to help make the event run so smoothly. This simple action taught me a lesson that will last a lifetime.

Stephanie with Champions Tour partner, Peter Jacobsen

Our second round was at Pebble Beach, which alone is not an easy course, but with Mr. Jacobsen feeling so sick it was particularly difficult. Our score at the end of the day was not what either of us had in mind when we arrived at the course that morning, but I can guarantee we had just as much, if not more, fun than we would have if we had shot a low number. Mr. Jacobsen could have withdrawn from the tournament before it even started but he persevered through Friday and Saturday and provided me with lessons and memories that I will never forget!


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