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Enjoying the Social Media Cafe

Contributing Blogger: Kelly Allen, participant, The First Tee of Jacksonville

OMG I just played Tiger Woods 2011 on ps3 with Fred Funk! It was so much fun teaming up with Kuriko from The First Tee of Metropolitan New York and beating Fred Funk on the very first hole we played. Fred is so funny throwing every shot we hit with his jokes. I really enjoyed it. Kuriko and I will be looking forward to a rematch in case he wants to redeem himself,  and of course…VICTORY.

Contributing Blogger: Drew Board, participant, The First Tee of Roanoke Valley

I wasn’t sure what to expect at tonight’s ice cream social, but I didn’t leave disappointed. As I left the eighteenth green from my practice round at Pebble, I couldn’t wait to have a cold ice cream to finish off a great day and talk to all of my friends that I have met through The First Tee. As I stepped in and started to see some familiar faces, I couldn’t help but notice the pictures and brief bios of every junior participant that were lined along the wall. The opportunity to learn more about each of the juniors that would be playing in this year’s tournament was unexpected but very interesting and I enjoyed learning more about each of the juniors attending this event.

There was also a Playstation featuring Tiger Woods PGA Tour golf and many computer and iPad stations that were available for everyone to use to connect with friends and family about their experiences at this year’s tournament. But one of the most exciting parts of the evening was learning that we would be able to use the social media center and its many computers throughout the rest of the week so that everyone will have a relaxing place to socialize after each of their tournament rounds.

The social media center is an excellent facility. I would really like to thank Nature Valley and The First Tee for setting up and providing us access to this area which allows us to socialize and connect with friends and family. Even though there are only three days left, I have had an unforgettable time and cannot wait for the rest of the events this week. It is clear that both Nature Valley and The First Tee have put in a tremendous amount of effort into making sure that everyone has the experience of a lifetime at the 2011 Nature Valley First Tee Open.

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