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Legends & Leaders Pro-Junior Mixer Highlights The First Tee’s Nine Core Values

Contributing Blogger: Sara Scarlett, participant, The First Tee of Greater Sacramento

The First Tee Life Skill of meeting and greeting has been valuable over the past few days especially last night at the Legends & Leaders Event. This event took place at the Beach Club which has a gorgeous view of the sailboats and sea lions in Carmel Bay.

Around 6:15 all of the pros and guest speakers started funneling into the room. I watched in astonishment as Hale Irwin stood behind me in line to get food, and when Chip Beck complemented my firm handshake. I even met my pro, Jerry Pate. He was really nice and wanted to know the little details about me that most people wouldn’t care about.

With Champions Tour partner, Jerry Pate

When he said “Do you like to have fun on the golf course?” I automatically knew that this weekend was going to be a blast. I glanced around at all of the tables and noticed the juniors with giant smiles. I think I could pretty much speak for everyone saying that we were in heaven. Talking with professionals who have won the US Open and absolutely love the game of golf inspires all of us. I didn’t think the night could get much better. When the first guest speaker took the stage, I knew I was wrong. Successful business people, honored military leaders, athletic professionals, and fellow juniors spoke to us about the importance of all the core values. Having Lindsey Vonn, an Olympic skier, say “you can do anything you want to do if you have confidence”, and Champions Tour professional John Cook say “honesty is key in golf because it’s one of the only sports where you call penalties on yourself”, is truly inspirational.

With Olympic Skier, Lyndsey Vonn

The lessons I learned tonight will not only make me a better golfer, but a better person. I know exactly how to use Confidence, Responsibility, Judgment, Respect, Sportsmanship, Courtesy, Honesty, Integrity, and Perseverance on and off the golf course. As I step up to the first hole at Pebble on Friday and the announcer says “Now to the first tee, from Woodland, CA, Sara Scarlett” I know I will have the confidence to hit my drive straight down the fairway.

As I continue to meet other juniors I will be respectful and courteous because I know they will be the same to me. Throughout the course of this week I will use all of these core values, and use them properly.

On an endnote, I am quite excited because I play my practice round at Pebble Beach today! I wish all of the participants, amateurs, and professionals lots of birdies, eagles, and albatrosses on this lovely day.


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