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The Countdown Begins

Contributing Blogger: Sara Scarlett, participant, The First Tee of Greater Sacramento

Everyone has dreams. Whether it’s competing in the Olympics, winning the Nobel Prize or traveling the world.

Most, if not all, golfers share the same dream: to play Pebble Beach. From the breath-taking views to the spectacular course condition, this course is known throughout the world by avid golfers, casual golfers, and people who don’t play golf at all.

When I received the acceptance email to the Nature Valley First Tee Open I was ecstatic. Finally, a long time dream of mine would be coming true.

Here I am carrying the leaderboard during the 2007 Walmart First Tee Open

Growing up in the area, I have visited Pebble Beach many times. I was a spectator when Tiger Woods crushed the field during the 2000 US Open. I carried the leaderboard as an energetic 11 year old in the 2007 Walmart First Tee Open, and watched my brother have the time of his life at the 2009 Walmart First Tee Open.

Thanks to The First Tee, at the upcoming 2011 Nature Valley First Tee Open I will be viewing Pebble Beach from a different perspective. I have been given a chance to go “inside the ropes” and golf with legendary Champions Tour players. These professionals have inspired me and I hope to learn some of their secrets behind the game such as the way they handle their nerves in competition, their interaction with the media, and their course management skills.

Mostly, I am looking forward to building friendships with these Champions Tour players and participants from around the United States. Bonding with the other 77 participants should be an easy task because we already share two passions: our love for the game of golf and dedication towards The First Tee.
We have all worked hard to complete multiple Life Skills levels, applications, and interviews to reach our goal of playing in this prestigious tournament. Out of 254 applicants, we have been chosen to represent The First Tee nationally and are expected to exhibit all of the lessons we have been taught through The First Tee chapter.

As the days approach, I am polishing my swing and putting stroke, trying to get it in tip-top shape to hit the tight fairways and putt the fast, sloped greens. I am also researching both of these courses in order to know the layout of the holes before I play my practice round. The hardest part will be trying to maintain my excitement. The countdown begins- only a couple more weeks until the Nature Valley First Tee Open! I am looking forward to this experience of a lifetime.


2 Responses

  1. Everayon at TFTGS is so proud of you. Great post Sara!!! Best of luck next week. I can’t wait to read more.

  2. What a fun post Sara!! Best of luck in your preparations – have the time of your life!!

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