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My day at the Golf Channel

Contributing Blogger: Rocky Hirsch, participant, The First Tee of Lakeland – On Friday, June 17, Rocky Hirsh was a guest on the Golf Channel’s Morning Drive with Champions Tour player Andy Bean. The two discussed the Nature Valley First Tee Open at Pebble Beach. Read about his experience below.

Yesterday was such an amazing day. The opportunity to be on the Golf Channel and experience the other side of TV was amazing. I was treated like a celebrity and had so much fun with that experience.

When we got there we had our visitor badges made and they took us straight to make up. I’ve never had anything like that done and wasn’t too thrilled about getting make up put on me. After that they took us to what they called the green room which was a room that we could watch the show in while we waited to get on. They came and got us with about five minutes left before we went on. They took us to the hall outside the studio room and put the microphones and radios on us. While we were waiting on the show to come to commercial, they showed me around the tech room and I met the producers and directors of the show. I got to see how the show was ran and all that goes into live TV. They finally brought us into the show as soon as the commercial came on and we got to meet the hosts of the show. They were really nice and really cool people, they calmed me down before we went live. They talked to me about what they read about me. After we got off they wanted me to sign the golf channel banners that they had all guest sign. I took some pictures with people and they offered to take me on a tour of the other studios. I got to walk around where they film golf central and the golf fix.

After we left Andy took Gerald and I to the Leadbetter Academy and showed us a tour of the performance center and we met Michelle Wie and Charles Howell. After that to end a perfect day we had lunch at Chili’s and headed back home. Thanks to The First Tee, that was an experience that I will never forget!

Watch the Clip of Rocky and Andy Bean of the Golf Channel’s Morning Drive


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