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Alex Phillips reflects on Legends and Leaders

Last night was another spectacular evening put on for the participants. We got to spend the evening at the Beach Club, an amazing venue right on the water. Dinner was provided and we got to mingle with all the players. I finally got to meet my pro, Keith Clearwater, and I absolutely cannot wait to play with him Friday. He came just to meet me as it was his birthday and he already had other plans (Happy Birthday Mr. Clearwater!). But my friend Donna was right, he is very easy on the eyes 😉 The speeches last night were also fantastic, speakers like Tom Watson, Tim Simpson, Joe Lewis Barrow (First Tee CEO) and others gave great talks on the Nine Core Values The First Tee stands for. One of the speakers was Maj. Silkey from the US Navy. There are a number of military personal that are playing in this tournament and it is amazing to meet the people that have given an oath to our country. We thank you all for your dedication to this great country, America would not be what it is today without our armed forces.

I’m off to play a practice round now, wish me luck on dominating Del Monte!

Another shout out goes to Chris Davis, a First Tee participant out of Chicago. He was here last year and said it was a life changing experience (Gary Player actually got on him to change his physical fitness and he took it to heart, I’m proud of him). We all miss you here Chris and hope you get a second chance next year!

Until next time!


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